Master of Divinity in Christian Apologetics

The Master of Divinity in Apologetics (MDiv) is a 93 unit course of study that may be completed in as little as three (3) years full time study (9 units per semester) by using occasional summer and winter breaks to supplement your fall and spring academic load. The following courses comprise the Master of Divinity (MDiv) with the apologetics major:

Master of Divinity in Apologetics (MDiv)
Core Requirements  (36 units) Apologetics Requirements (30 units)
RW499 Research Methods & Technology (P/F) AP502 Archaeology and the Bible (3)
OT515 Old Testament Survey (3) AP503 Apologetics to Islam (3)
TH520 Biblical Hermeneutics (3) AP504 Christian Ethics (3)
NT510 Jesus & the Early Church: Gospels/Acts (3) RE504 World Religions (3)
NT520 Paul & the Later Church: Epistles and Revelation (3) RE505 Contemporary Cults (3)
NT530 NT Research and Methodology (3) PH510 Logic (3)
TH530 Prolegomena and Bibliology (3) PH520 History of Philosophy and Christian Thought I (3)
TH540 Theology Proper and Creation (3) PH530 History of Philosophy and Christian Thought II (3)
TH550 Christology and Pneumatology (3) Two Electives (6)
TH560 Hamartiology and Soteriology (3) CM501 Church/Mission Experience I (P/F)
TH570 Ecclesiology and Eschatology (3) CM502 Church/Mission Experience II (P/F)
TH580 Historical Theology or Elective (3) CM503 Church/Mission Experience III (P/F)
AP501 Introduction to Apologetics (3)  
Divinity Major Requirements (27 units)
PH500 Philosophy of Christian Education (3) PM550 Principles and Theology of Missions (3)
PM510 Christian Leadership Principles (3) CH580 History of the Church (3)
PM520 Biblical Counseling (3) FC510 Gospel and Culture (3)
PM530 Pastoral Care (3) RW501 Thesis Research Writing or Elective (3)
PM540 Homiletics (3) CM504 Church/Mission Experience IV (P/F)
Comprehensive Exam – Pass/Fail
Total Semester Hours: 93