Master of Arts in Biblical Studies

The Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS) course of study is a 66 unit course of study that may be completed in as little as two (2) years, but is designed for 42 months of full time study (9 units per semester). Students may also complete this same program as a Certificate in Biblical Studies (CBS). This program builds upon the core requirements offered in the MATS degree by adding 30 units of biblical studies courses involving the study of the original biblical languages (Hebrew and Greek), hermeneutics, three Old and/or New Testament book studies, and understanding the interaction of the Christian gospel with culture and linguistics. This route is designed for those individuals who seek to be prepared to lead and teach the Scriptures in the church such as pastors, para-church leaders, or for those engaged in other ministry related activities. The MABS student learning outcomes are:

  • To specify the introductory matters (authorship, date, recipients, major theme) of each book of the Bible.
  • To identify the historical setting and theological contribution of each Old and New Testament book to the Bible.
  • To describe the history and progressive revelation contained in the Old and New Testament scriptures.
  • To explain and defend the most plausible interpretation of difficult Old and New Testament passages.
  • To serve the church and/or para-church or other ministry venues by teaching and applying the scriptures to their own personal lives and to the lives of others.
  • To biblically defend and explain the major classical (orthodox) doctrines of the Bible.


MA in Biblical Studies (MABS)
Core Requirements  (36 units) Major Requirements (30 units)
RW499 Research Methods & Technology (P/F) OT500 Ancient Near Eastern Contexts for the OT (3)
OT515 Old Testament Survey (3) NT500 The New Testament in Its Jewish and Greco-Roman Contexts or OT505 Introduction to the Dead Sea Scrolls (3)
TH520 Biblical Hermeneutics (3) BLH501 Biblical Hebrew I (3)
NT510 Jesus & the Early Church: Gospels and Acts (3) BLH502 Biblical Hebrew II (3)
NT520 Paul & the Later Church: Epistles and Revelation (3) BLG501 Biblical Greek I (3)
NT530 NT Research & Methodology (3) BLG502 Biblical Greek II (3)
TH530  Prolegomena & Bibliology (3) Old/New Testament Book Study (9)
TH540 Theology Proper & Creation (3) RW501 Thesis Research Writing or Elective (3)
TH550 Christology & Pneumatology (3) CM501 Church/Mission Experience I (P/F)
TH560 Hamartiology & Soteriology (3) CM502 Church/Mission Experience II (P/F)
TH570 Ecclesiology & Eschatology (3) CM503 Church/Mission Experience III (P/F)
TH580 Historical Theology or Elective (3)
AP501 Introduction to Apologetics (3) Complete Comprehensive Exam – Pass/Fail
Total Semester Hours: 66