Lay Institute

The VIU Lay Institute is a vehicle to equip non-degree seeking Christian learners to share the Gospel and defend the historic Christian Faith. Those who complete either of these programs will have the opportunity to apply credit towards VIU degree program course assignments. In addition, upon completion of your program each student will receive a Veritas International University certificate of completion signed by VIU faculty.

To accomplish this goal there are two excellent programs taught by VIU faculty. Click on the program links below to learn more:


Educate for Life Program

This program is taught by VIU professor and Educate for Life radio host, Kevin Conover, and is designed for middle school, high school, and adult learners.

The program contains 4 professionally produced online video courses: Course 100 Nature: Created or Evolved?, Course 200 Religion: Who’s Right?, Course 300 Bible: Myth or Fact?, and Course 400 Culture: The Bible Applied. Each course consists of 10 classes with 15 hours of custom video lecture content. Each class consists of an hour and a half video broken down into short segments that include follow-along notes, two supplemental articles with answer keys, and a thirty question automatically graded quiz. You can register for part or the entire program.

Norman L. Geisler Apologetics Certificate Program

This program is taught primarily by VIU Chancellor and Distinguished Professor, Dr. Norman Geisler and VIU Faculty. The program is designed for lay learners that seek undergraduate/graduate level learning. This course of study consists of 5 online video courses (prerecorded from live VIU resident classes) dealing with apologetics, cults, God, world religions, and Bible; 4 textbooks; and 5 exams (with optional research paper for those who wish to obtain VIU degree program assignment credit).

VIU Course on Contemporary Cults

Join Dr. Ron Rhodes as he teaches on Contemporary Cults to prepare yourself to engage others with truth. The final session includes an apologetic lecture by Dr. Norman Geisler. The course is free of charge. If you would like to purchase other courses for personal enrichment visit our resource page.