Doctor of Ministry in Christian Apologetics

This unique program may be completed in as little as two (2) years, though students may take up to five (5) years from first enrollment to complete.  The program is setup so that “full-time” students may be completed it in three (3) years. Full-time status is 6 units per semester.  The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) is a professional degree comprised of 36 semester credit hours. The program is designed for those in ministry, or those seeking additional knowledge and practical competency in apologetics on the doctoral level.

The program may be completed entirely through distance learning except for the Ministry Project and Defense (one day on campus by arrangement).  However, there will be opportunities to take residential one-week or one-semester courses. In addition, opportunities for synchronous (interactive live-streaming) courses will be offered.  Incorporating distance-learning courses without residency requirement provides students with a convenient and affordable program without interrupting their professional career or requiring relocation to southern California.

Program Objectives

  • To learn how to defend the historic Christian faith theologically.
  • To learn how to defend the Christian worldview through critical thinking methods.
  • To develop a more robust Christian Worldview.
  • To learn how to identify, plan, research and defend an apologetic project for use within a specific ministry application related to a church, ministry, or school.

Requirements for Admission

Applicants should possess a graduate degree (M.Div. is preferred) with the equivalent of 60 (or more) graduate level semester credit hours. Students should have graduated with a 3.0 or higher GPA. Those with a lower GPA may still qualify with further testing or by the completion of additional courses as required.

Required DL Courses – 30 semester credit hours

The following courses are fulfilled through distance learning (DL) in a 15-week semester.*

AP901 Advanced Christian Apologetics (3)

AP902 Advanced Scientific Apologetics (3)

AP903 Advanced Islamic Apologetics (3)

AP904 Advanced World Religions (3)

AP905 Advanced New Religious Movements (3)

AP906 Advanced Resurrection of Christ (3)

AP907 Apologetics and the Art of Persuasion (3)

AP908 Pre-evangelism and Conversational Apologetics (3)

AP909 Apologetics and Contemporary Issues I (3)

AP910 Apologetics for Contemporary Issues II (3)

*Prerequisite Courses: Prior to enrolling in the above courses, each student must complete the following pre-requisite courses: Introduction to Philosophy or History of Philosophy, Christian Thought I and II, and Logic. These courses may be fulfilled after admission into the Doctor of Ministry program. *Note: A course of the same title taken at the graduate level cannot be repeated at the doctoral level. However, a more advanced, follow-on course can be designed as an arranged course. If the doctoral student has already satisfied the core major requirements at the graduate level, then he/she may complete individually-designed arranged courses or based on the desired focus, in consultation with faculty and approved by the program director.

Ministry Project and Defense
– 6 semester credit hours

The Ministry Project and Defense (MP900) offers an opportunity for the student to make a unique and practical contribution related to apologetics. The contribution and presentation is unique to the student’s apologetic gifting and practical ministry goals that will benefit the body of Christ. The actual presentation and defense of the Ministry Project is fulfilled on campus and scheduled by appointment with your supervisor.

Doctor of Ministry Program Schedule (D. Min.)
Year 1 (12 units)
Fall Spring Summer
2 Courses – 6 units 2 Courses – 6 units Optional
Year 2  (12 units)
Fall Spring Summer
2 Courses – 6 units 2 Courses – 6 units Optional
Year 3  (15 units)
Fall Spring Summer
2 Courses – 6 units Resident Ministry Project – 6 units Optional
Total Semester Hours: 36