Albuquerque Teaching Site

Trinity Southwest University
7600 Jefferson NE, Suite 28
Albuquerque, NM 87109

In addition to our Santa Ana main campus, VIU has established a satellite teaching site to serve students in the Albuquerque, NM region. You are eligible to earn up to 49% of your degree program from this approved site. The remaining 51% of your courses must be fulfilled either through Distance Learning or by attending the main campus in Santa Ana.

Or if you are interested in taking courses for certificate credit or simply personal enrichment you may do so. Course(s) meet in a traditional 15-week semester unless modified. Teaching sites are for hosting course offerings only, all admissions and enrollment services and questions are facilitated through the VIU main campus in Santa Ana.

Be sure to Apply for Admission prior to registering for courses if you are not currently a VIU student. For more information contact our main campus at 714.966.8500 or [email protected]

Semester Schedules

*Current VIU students may enroll for credit through POPULI. New students must apply before enrollment.