Letter from the President

Why VIU? A Word From the President

Welcome to Veritas International University! Choosing the right learning environment is an important decision. After all, ideas do have consequences. Instead of campus “safe spaces”, “cry-ins”, campus chaos, overpriced tuition, activist liberal faculty, intolerance for conservative ideas, and excused student absences because of the inability to cope with political and cultural change, you should expect from VIU a balanced Christ-centered education that strengthens the whole person – mind, spirit, and body. As an independent private Christian university we strive to offer a well-rounded educational and spiritual experience that emerges from the inspired, infallible, and inerrant truth of the Bible.

With every passing day, it is apparent we live in a world where the Christian worldview is being challenged, reinterpreted, marginalized or altogether discarded. For this reason, our academic programs are fashioned for those seeking a solid education that prepares graduates to make a difference in a lost and searching world. At VIU, students have access to a stellar faculty who draw upon a medley of subjects crucial to a classical Christian education such as archaeology, biblical history, apologetics, history, Bible, biblical languages, theology, philosophy, religion, logic, and more. Our uncompromising commitment to the classical doctrines of Christianity, and high view of Scripture, will be a refreshing reprieve from the steady threats on the Bible so often experienced in higher education. At Veritas, you don’t have to wonder whether your professor believes the Bible is the Word of God, every instructor has a personal relationship with Christ and views the Bible as the sole and final arbitrator of faith and practice.

Our faculty has been carefully selected, each having a passion for sharing the good news and defending the Faith in a cultural milieu that is becoming increasingly hostile to people of faith. With more than 200 books and hundreds of articles published, some of which are standard textbooks in universities, colleges, and seminaries across the country, our instructors offer students a wealth of experience accompanied by humility that has been tested by time and practice through decades of research, writing, and peer review. What is more, our faculty is firmly committed to the great commission of making disciples, teaching them not only the “what” and “how” of the Christian faith, but also “why” we believe.

Each academic program is designed to equip you with the knowledge, character, and skill necessary to achieve your goals as a Christian leader and to fulfill your calling. VIU courses are offered through a variety of formats including traditional 15-week residential semesters that meet in the evening, 7-week distance learning courses, and in convenient 1-week residential module course format.

Whatever your course of study may be, by the time you complete your program at VIU you will have greatly enhanced your relationship, appreciation, and worship of our Lord Jesus Christ. Moreover, you should expect to see greater boldness and effectiveness in your ministry, evangelism, and defense of the faith to the glory of God. My hope and prayer is that your studies will help you intimately comprehend and experience the love God has for His people!

Until the Whole World Hears!

Joseph M. Holden, PhD, President