Certificate Program

Graduate Certificate Program

The graduate certificate program is available to all students who do not desire to pursue graduate credit or who do not meet the academic prerequisites for admission to the graduate degree programs. In addition, the certificate program is ideal for those who are concurrently fulfilling their undergraduate requirements but wish to begin their VIU graduate studies immediately. Only graduate level programs are eligible to be considered a “Certificate of Completion” program. All certificate students will complete the identical program of study and assigned coursework as graduate students. The students may at any time present official transcripts to the VIU Registrar demonstrating an earned Bachelors degree from an accredited institution in order to convert all certificate credit to Masters degree credit. The certificate program follows the exact same curriculum and graduation requirements as the graduate program.

Each certificate student must declare a major during the admission process. If in the future the student’s academic undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree) prerequisites are fulfilled, he/she may be admitted to a graduate program, and/or convert all certificate credit into graduate credit/degree by: (1) petitioning the Academic Committee and faculty, and (2) paying any difference in tuition costs between the graduate and certificate programs, and (3) submitting official undergraduate transcripts identifying their earned Bachelor degree. If more than five (5) years have passed since graduating from VIU, the student may need to complete supplemental coursework before being granted a degree.

Students seeking admission to the certificate program should have demonstrated previous pastoral or leadership skills for Christian ministry. In addition, applicants should have completed approximately two years of undergraduate study or the equivalent. The admission procedures for certificate applicants is identical to the graduate admission procedures. The completion of the certificate course of study leads to one of the following certificates:

  • Certificate of Theological Studies (CTS/36 units)
  • Certificate of Biblical Studies (CBS/66 units)
  • Certificate of Christian Apologetics (CCA/66 units)
  • Certificate in Archaeology & Biblical History (CABH/66 units)
  • Certificate of Divinity in Biblical Studies or Apologetics (CDiv/93 units)

Application checklist for certificate students:

□ Completed admission application with signature
□ One passport-style photo
□ VIU Liability Waiver of Damages Responsibility
□ Official academic transcripts
□ Three references (one from your pastor and two others from non-family members)
□ Personal statements of conversion, personal strengths and weaknesses, spiritual gifts,
doctrines of God, Christ and salvation and purpose for attending VIU (c. 1000 words)
□ Non-refundable admission application fee of $50.00 for each application submitted
(make check payable to: Veritas International University)